Poster for 🔴 BLX Bouldering League #1

Date and time

When does the event take place?

Registration opens at
Saturday, 11/20/2021 midnight
Bouldering period
Saturday, 11/27/2021 4 p.m. — 6:05 p.m.
6:15 p.m.


What is happening? Who's taking part? How does the ranking work?

Evaluation mode
static (the best 8 boulders)
  • Each boulder has a certain value depending on how difficult the setters deem it to be.
  • A participant's score is the sum of the values of each boulder they climbed.
  • If the boulder was not climbed completely, but a specially marked hold (called the zone / bonus) was reached, the participant is rewarded 0.3 of the boulder value.
  • Only the best 8 boulders are taken into account.
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Age groups
🔴 Red League (~6c - 7a)🔴 The first BLX Boulder League winter season is finally here! ☃️ Join for high-class boulders, amazing music, great people, and lots and lots of fun! Enjoy homemade wraps (upon preorder) and Fritz Kola during the break 🌯! Wraps only upon pre-order Choose between three Levels: - Blue (up to ~6b-ish) - Red (6c - 7a-ish) - Black (7b and harder) Top three in each category selected for evening finals, with top overall qualifiers being invited for season finals in spring 2022. Prizes Amazing prizes from Petzl, Naturkompaniet, Red chilli, and many more 😍, including crashpads for overall male and female season winners. Competition fee: - Single entry: 100kr - Or join the whole competition season (5+ events) for 200kr (not including entrance fees) - 2021 Summer season finalists compete for free Swish: 1233 245 412


Who to contact in case of questions or problems?

BLX, Solna
Organizational inquiries
Technical inquiries

Location and directions

Where does it take place and how to get there?

Level 4, Stjärntorget 13 C 13 C
16979 Solna

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