D-Summit Battle

Date and time

When does the event take place?

Bouldering period
Saturday, 03.12. 9 a.m. — Saturday, 10.12.22
2 p.m.


What is happening? Who's taking part? How does the ranking work?

Evaluation mode
dynamic ('Holland-Mode') (all boulders count)
  • Each boulder has a certain value.
  • The more people succeed in a boulder, the less points it is worth.
  • If the boulder was not climbed completely, but a specially marked hold (called the zone / bonus) was reached, the participant is rewarded 0.3 of the boulder value.
  • difficulty = 1 -
    Tops + 0.3 × Zones
    active participants
    boulder value = initial value × difficulty
Age groups
Kids (6-12), Teens (12-15), Adults (16+)

Get a scorecard and fight your way up our qualification routes and boulders. Collect as many points as possible, and if you’re worthy, you’ll make it to the finals where you get your ass kicked.

ready – FIGHT

Qualification via scorecard during the week (3.12-10.12)
Compete in one of the 3 weight classes:

Finals (Sunday, 11.12)

Scorecard: 25EUR
unlimited climbing during the week of qualifications

Who can you join the D-Summit Battle 2022?
Anyone who climbs, from 6 years old. It doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner or a long-time climber. The biggest battle that you’ll fight is the one with yourself.
Open, no license required

Create an account and sign up here.
Buy your scorecard at the gym (€25). D-Summit members get 15% discount on the scorecard.
The scorecard will give you unlimited entry during the period of the qualifications.
From 3rd -10th of December during our regular opening hours.

Is the D-Summit Battle with lead climbing, top rope, or bouldering?
The qualifications will be on 18 routes in top rope and 12 boulders. The routes and boulders start from 5c up to 8a. For the routes you can also lead, but it’s not mandatory. For the finals the kids and youngster will climb top rope. The adults will lead climb in the finals.

Compete in one of the 3 weight classes:
Kids 6-12
Teens 12-15
Adults 16+

How is the point system set up?
A route or boulder has a base level of 1000 points. These points will be divided by numbers of people that get a zone and/or get the top. You will register your zone/top online on blocsport.de

Is it possible to eat and drink during the event?
Yes! We have a special D-Summit Battle menu that is available every day. And during the finals we have even a bigger menu.

Special thank you for our sponsors:
Casper’s Climbing Shop
Chullanka Metz


Who to contact in case of questions or problems?

Organizational inquiries
Technical inquiries

Location and directions

Where does it take place and how to get there?