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Poster for Ostblock-Cup 21/22 Ostbloc

Date and time

When does the event take place?

Registration opens at
Sunday, 11/21/2021 11 a.m.
Bouldering period
Friday, 12/03/2021 9 a.m. — Saturday, 12/04/2021 6:25 p.m.
7 p.m.


What is happening? Who's taking part? How does the ranking work?

Evaluation mode
dynamic ('Holland-Mode') (all boulders count)
  • Each boulder has a certain value.
  • The more people succeed in a boulder, the less points it is worth.
  • If the ascent was made in one go (also known as a flash), the participant is rewarded the boulder value times 1.1.
  • If the boulder was not climbed completely, but a specially marked hold (called the zone / bonus) was reached, the participant is rewarded 0.2 of the boulder value.
  • difficulty = 1 -
    1.1 × Flashes + Tops + 0.2 × Zones
    1.1 × active participants
    boulder value = initial value × difficulty
  • This competition is held in two difficulty categories (relaxed/easy and power/difficult). Each ranking is calculated separately.
Age groups
Difficulty grades
Easy and Difficult (with separate rankings)

11. Ostbloc Jedermenschwettkampf

Um an diesem Wettkampf teilzunehmen, musst Du unter folgenden Link Startplatzregistrierung dein Ticket buchen! Zudem stehen auf der Ostbloc-Seite alle relevanten Informationen zum Event!

Eine Registrierung auf Blocsport ist keine verbindliche Buchung für eine Teilnahme am Event!

Die Registrierung auf Blocsport dient alleine für die Auswertung des Wettkampfs. Hier auf Blocsport trägst Du lediglich später Deine Boulder auf auf Deinem Laufzettel Deine Tops/Flashs ein!

Also bitte registriere Dich zu erst unter um am Wettkampf teilzunehmen!

Bis denne!


Who to contact in case of questions or problems?

Organizational inquiries
Technical inquiries

Location and directions

Where does it take place and how to get there?

Hauptstraße 13
10317 Berlin

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