Poster for The Cave Rocks Monatswettkampf

Date and time

When does the event take place?

Registration opens at
Monday, 02/21/2022 3 p.m.
Bouldering period
Wednesday, 03/02/2022 3 p.m. — Tuesday, 04/05/2022 10 p.m.


What is happening? Who's taking part? How does the ranking work?

Evaluation mode
dynamic ('Holland-Mode') (all boulders count)
  • Each boulder has a certain value.
  • The more people succeed in a boulder, the less points it is worth.
  • If the ascent was made in one go (also known as a flash), the participant is rewarded the boulder value times 1.3.
  • If the boulder was not climbed completely, but a specially marked hold (called the zone / bonus) was reached, the participant is rewarded 0.3 of the boulder value.
  • difficulty = 1 -
    1.3 × Flashes + Tops + 0.3 × Zones
    1.3 × active participants
    boulder value = initial value × difficulty
Age groups
Rocks - Monatswettkampf Monatswettkampf mit 50 feinen Bouldern. Egal ob Profi oder Anfänger, Jung oder werden für jeden schöne Boulder dabei sein. Wir sind richtig motiviert, hoffe Ihr auch ;-)
  • Laufkarte: Ihr könnt eure Ergebnisse direkt ins Handy eintragen. Dann sparen wir Papier und tun der Umwelt etwas gutes ;-)
  • Teilnahmegebühr: 5€.
Lasset die Spiele beginnen ;-)


Who to contact in case of questions or problems?

Organizational inquiries
Technical inquiries

Location and directions

Where does it take place and how to get there?

Gottlieb-Daimler-Straße 22
54516 Wittlich