Evaluation of bouldering competitions

blocsport.de helps you organize and run your bouldering competitions. Participants can sign up to your competition and enter their ascents via our site. A ranking will be calculated immediately.

So far, 15 gyms carried out 70 events successfully.

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Smartphone-compatible ticklist

Boulders can conveniently be checked off on the mobile-friendly ticklist.

Easily set up your event

All your competition's settings can be changed via a self-explaining dashboard. If you still need help, we've got you covered: either see our documentation, or drop us an email or give us a call.


We carried out our first bouldering competition in 2012 and since then we added features and improved this site continuously; thanks to great feedback from the community. If you're missing some functionality, please let us know. We will be happy to hear your ideas.

Several score evaluation modes

If you don't want to guess your boulder's difficuly while route setting, there's a 'dynamic mode' which determine the difficulty by taking into account how many people climbed it. If you want to define a boulders difficuly value yourself, you can do so with the 'static mode'. This mode also allows you to select that only a predetermined number of ascents for each boulderer are taken into account for the ranking.

Final live ranking

We provide you with a live ranking that can be shown on a beamer during finals. This ranking table shows each finalists attempts and score per boulder and will make it easy for your crowd to follow what is going on right now.

Import your boulders automatically

We know that preparing a competition is stressful. That's why we strive for making it easy for you to get your boulders into our system as effortless as possible. Just upload a spreadsheet file and our system takes care of the rest.

Setter's competitions

Not only can you carry out regular bouldering competitions but also boulder setter's competitions in which participants judge the boulders they climb. The route setters with the most popular boulder win. You can even combine a bouldering and a setter's competition.

Lean and fast

Our goal is to create a good user experience with a site that is fast and reliable. That's why we don't use third-party ads, aim for a clean site structure and use best-practices in web development.