Ostblock-Cup Finale 2018/19 Leipzig

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Poster for Ostblock-Cup  Finale 2018/19 Leipzig

Date and time

  • Registration opens at Saturday, 03/23/2019 11 a.m.
  • Bouldering period Saturday, 04/06/2019 10 a.m.—6:15 p.m.


  • Modus dynamic ('Holland-Mode')
  • Participants 279 of 400 (show)
  • Age groups Erwachsene (ab 12 Jahre)
  • Difficulty grades Easy and Difficult (with separate rankings)


Letzte Station des Ostblock 2018/19

In Leipzig wird nicht nur um den Tagessieg gebouldert! Nein bei dieser Station geht es um Alles oder Nichts!

Wer holt sich den Gesamtsieg!? Damit die Belohnung von 500 Euro! Dazu gibt es noch eine schöne Trophäe zu ergattern.

Für Euch schrauben Thomaz Oleksy , Jost Lehmann und die Leipziger Crew. Also auf in das letzte Gefecht des Ostblock.cups 2018/19!

Teilnahmegebühr: 15 Euro

Location and directions

Brandenburger Straße 26
4347 Leipzig

Evaluation mode

This competition's boulder values are dynamic. That means that each boulder starts off with the same point value regardless of its grade. All participants are encouraged to climb as many boulders as possible. The more often a boulder has been climbed, the more its point value decreases.

difficulty = 1 -
1.3 × Flashes + Tops
1.3 × active participants
boulder value = initial value × difficulty

Each participant's overall score is the sum of the points of their ascents in the respective ascent style.

Next to regular ascents, flashes will be taken into account. A Flash is when the top hold of a boulder is reached on the first attempt. This will multiply the boulder's value by 1.3.

This competition is held in two difficulty categories (relaxed/easy and power/difficult). Each ranking is calculated separately.

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